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Wooden Goods

What's a wooden good as opposed to a wooden bad? Ours are all good.

These (typically) handmade items are in every style imaginable and can be used for everything from rustic to elegant to winery and vintage styles. Don't see the exact item you want? Reach out. One of our craftspeople can likely make it for you! Here at Heart, we strive to use local craftspeople and handmade pieces. We LOVE doing custom work!

If you have questions and you would like us to get back to you via email,
please use our contact form and we'll be sure to get back to you! Please give us a bit more time to respond on the weekend. We are either out designing a wedding or sourcing goods! Don't forget to include your event date and location and budget range.

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Shannon “...was extremely responsive, gave great advice and always made me feel confident about my wedding. I want to add, I lived 10 hours away in a different state and still felt comfortable with Shannon decorating my wedding. Her expertise and professionalism can't be beat...”

J and G, Castle Farms, Charlevoix