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10 Questions to Ask Your Northern Michigan Wedding Decor Rental Company

Or Petoskey, Traverse City, Bay Harbor, Gaylord... basically all of northern Michigan!

And here is our answers to that question:

Since I do get asked most, if not all, of these questions pretty regularly, I thought it might be easier to just set them all down and post them in the blog.

10) Do you do set up and tear down, or just drop off and then pick up? We do both.

9) Do you charge insurance or a damage waiver? We do. Unfortunately, it's the cost of doing business when items have been damaged by negligence.

8) And speaking of insurance, do you carry it? Yes.

7) How long have you been in the wedding business? 2021 marks my eighth (wow!) year.

6) How quickly can I expect a response to any questions I might have? During the week and off-season, expect less than 24 hours. During season (May-October), give us a few days, especially on weekends. There are occasional exceptions, but fast responses to inquiries and questions are one of the things that set us apart.

5) What is your travel area? We typically limit travel to about a one hour radius from our showroom/offices in Petoskey. Again, we have made exceptions when our couples have booked us overnight accommodations.

4) What is the average spend? AKA What can I get for a $2000 budget? Depends. It really depends on what is most important to the two of you when it comes to your design focus. Is having over-the-top centerpieces most important? Or is your focus on making the ceremony unforgettable? All of this involves a conversation. We talk about the feel and look you are going for.

3) Can I pick up stuff myself? Again, it depends. Linens can be picked up. Furniture cannot. Shoot me a message if you would like to know what can be picked up or what has to be delivered by my team.

2) Do you charge _____ fees? I charge for set up, tear down, delivery and insurance on most proposals. I do NOT charge extra for same day pick up as of this writing.

1) Can you help with design assistance and/or styling or is it just decor rentals? All. I can help with any or all.

Special thanks to @unsplash and photographers @bethlanty @anniespratt @keilahotzel

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