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The Hottest Decor Trends for Northern Michigan Weddings: The Top 20

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Are you having a destination wedding in the Charlevoix, Petoskey, Gaylord, Harbor Springs, Bay Harbor or Traverse City area? Let's talk about what's trending!

Many of the popular blogs and publications have posted their wedding trend predictions for 2020. These are the ones that I think will find their way to northern Michigan (or continue to be a hot item in some cases. Some started trending a couple years ago and will be here for 2021).

And one thing that will become clearer as you read: 70s inspired decor for weddings is here to stay. At least through 2021.

Drum roll please for the first 10...

20) Ceremony backdrops have been taken to the next level for a few years now; expect this trend to continue. We are seeing huppahs, arches (including traditional square/rectangular and even round and triangle) being requested to take you from boring ceremony decor to WOW ceremony decor! These backdrops can also serve as photo-ops for fans of the 'gram or even a selfie station. Or literally rent a photo booth and have it set up by the company you've rented it from once the ceremony concludes and everyone has moved to cocktail hour. And we here at Heart have all of these pieces available to rent (including an open air photo booth).

19) Photo booths are still one of our most popular requests. However, this doesn't mean the out of date enclosed booths with a curtain and silly faces. Now guests want video, slow motion and high-style booths. And we have them!

18) Hoops, hoops and more hoops! will be on trend for 2021. These hoops can be metal or wood and look so pretty hanging on the walls or from ceilings or other structures. We've come up with a great way to display several different sizes of them in a cute grouping. And one of my most popular rentals: the circle arch.

17) Laser cut signs and signage are totally on trend! These can be just about anything you imagine! Table numbers, fun bar signs and more are available. Ask us about special ordering something!

16) Non-boring layouts! The days of having all round tables for guests and just banquets for the head table and dessert/gift/place card etc. tables is long over. It is perfectly okay to mix and match! How about a round for the sweetheart table and banquets to the left and right for the head table? Or how about farm tables in a non-rustic (elegant) setting? This is easy to accomplish with a beautiful cotton gauze or other sumptuous fabric down the center of each. This is also much less expensive than floor length linens for all of the banquet (8') tables. Win-win.

15) Bold color palettes are totally hot for 2020. Think oranges (terracotta, rust), yellows (marigold, butter), shades of coral (not necessarily last year's "living" coral), blues (cobalt and of course, Pantone's classic blue) and for pastels, we see some movement away from blush to lavender/lilac and mint greens. Blush is still much in demand here in northern Michigan though. Pop your favorite of these hues in unexpected places, like glassware, table linens, and napkins to really put it on display.

14) Sustainability. I wrote about this last year, and it is still as important this year. Many of the ways to accomplish having a more sustainable wedding is by renting decor elements rather than buying them. Or instead of buying favors (that are typically thrown away by most guests, adding more junk to landfills), try making donations to causes that are important to you in your guests' names. That's typically much more appreciated than silly trinkets. It's also a great idea to hire local vendors and those that make an effort to have their product locally made or sourced. We here at Heart have most of the wooden goods we carry made by local artisans and craftspeople. For example, all of our wood ceremony arches and arbors are handmade here in northern Michigan. We also carry handmade crates in all sizes and colors.

13) Vintage "grandmillenial" inspired lounges are still a hugely popular decor element. Not only are they fun, but your older guests will definitely appreciate a comfy spot to hang out and chat with family or friends they haven't seen in a while and perhaps take a break from the dancing. You may also enjoy guests asking about the antique Queen Anne style chairs or the sofa that was once in the Grand Hotel. At least, we here at Heart have enjoyed the many questions about where we found the great authentic vintage furniture (and other) pieces we carry.

12) And speaking of vintage, vintage decor, textiles and fabrics will be trending this year. Think old-school floral prints on table linens (Damask, for example), or chinoiserie print vases and plates for fun table settings or vignettes. Vintage and vintage-look glassware is also super popular for tabletops. And it doesn't have to be matchy-matchy. In fact, an eclectic mix of glassware is so much more fun!

11) And speaking of table linens: the most popular linens we will see this season will be velvets, bold floral prints and lace overlays. Velvet is ideal for weddings showcasing vintage pieces or for fall/winter weddings. The jewel tones are the colors to look for (emerald green, burgundy, and even a dark teal, for example). Bold florals can be seen in tropical tones (turquoise, oranges, yellows, for example) or pastels (lilac/lavender, mint green, pinks, for example).

10) So speaking of the 70s vibe becoming "a thing" for weddings. Disco balls are now totally on trend! Yes, disco balls. And they don't necessarily have to be hung from the ceiling of your venue over the dance floor. I've seen them used in centerpieces or even as decor pieces for around a sweetheart table. We would love to special order these unique pieces for your wedding!

So that's the first 10 of the Top 20 trends for 2021.

What do you think? Have you seen any of these ideas at a wedding? Would you like to see them at your own northern Michigan destination wedding? Contact me via my form or shoot me a text! 231 622 3275

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Special thanks to @A13Studios for the photos of the table settings for the United Way meeting at #ThomasHeathEventsSpace

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