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2021 Northern Michigan Top 10 Wedding Color Trends

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

I am having a very hard time concealing my excitement for my upcoming weddings for the 2021 season! The color combinations my couples and I have come up with are going to be absolutely amazing!

This is the top 10 for the season (and fun ways to incorporate them):

10) Dusty rose, burgundy, navy and pops of copper/rose gold made the list this year. Jewel tones with a pop of the super-popular dusty rose/mauve are a beautiful and elegant combination. Burgundy and navy are always special, as they are timeless and always make the list of top colors, especially for fall and winter weddings. Linens and floral are perfect ways to display this palette at your wedding.

9) Black, white and gold is the epitome of elegance and timelessness. These colors are SO versatile and are perfect for fall, winter, modern, art deco and other styles of weddings. Linens, chargers and napkin rings are great ways to decorate this color wedding.

8) Burgundy, black and copper accents is another unique palette combination for the season. It's dark and moody, with a hint of bright from the shiny copper. Linens, flatware and lanterns are special ways to decorate for this combo.

7) Deep jewel tones: teals, medium and dark, emerald and burgundy are being paired with rose gold to create the super popular "dark and moody" vibe with the lush feel of rose gold. Adding a rose gold runner or a rose gold charger plate over the top of a dark linen is a gorgeous look! Complete that vibe with taper candles in those deep colors!

6) For the sixth spot, we have what I like to call an "up-and-comer" color palette. What this means is that I think this palette will be seen much more often. It is rust and/or terracotta paired with peach and canyon clay. The metallic accents are copper and/or gold. Gorgeous!

5) Rust has this spot on the top trend color list. Here, it is being paired with jewel tones (including eggplant) with pops of ivory. The mood here is boho, but with lush soft seating in deep eggplant. Candle holders are ivory and runners, taper candles and pillar candles are rust.

4) Terracotta has been HUGE for us for the last year. What is the difference between rust and terracotta? Well, rust tends to lean more yellow, and terracotta more orange. We have paired terracotta with black and ivory and also with greens. Metallic accents were gold in both of these combos. These combinations put terracotta into the fourth spot.

3) At number three is the classic of greens and white/ivory. For each wedding I have that chose this palette, the green is a sage/willow green shade (almost a greyish-green). Fabric draped arbors, candles in glass, and floral and greenery (specifically silver dollar eucalyptus) are perfect ways to bring this classic to your day.

2) Coming in at second place is terracotta (again!), however, here it is paired with navy/deep blues and those colors are then accented with dark natural rattans. With these colors, typically for boho- or boho-elegant style weddings, rattan chargers, terracotta place cards and cotton gauze are how we are designing and creating the combination. Just for starters!

1) The top spot definitely belongs to dusty blue, sage green and metallic accents (silver, gold or champagne). Sage green literally burst onto the scene for me in the last year or so. Dusty blue has been a top 10 color for a few years, however, our couples are now combining it with the sage green in "light and airy" combinations. Here, natural charger plates (such as water hyacinth) and candles are wonderful ways to bring this pretty palette to your Big Day. My couples have also chosen lounge sets that will then be customized with accessories to bring the colors into even more of their venue spaces.

Do any of these color palettes speak to the two of you? Which one(s)? If you would like to schedule a consultation, I would love to chat about how we can take this (and other!) inspo and make it uniquely the two of you!

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