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A Fairy Tale Summer Wedding at Castle Farms, Charlevoix

Deirdre and Ryan had a fairy tale wedding this past June at northern Michigan's resident castle in Charlevoix, Michigan.

When Deirdre reached out to me last year, she had one initial request: to rent our black sofa. Seemed easy enough, really. But then when she said she wanted to add some hot pink throw pillows, I said "this is no ordinary couple."

Yes, the colors chosen by the bride were black and hot pink. This was no subtle nod, this was a "I am not a quiet bride!" And it didn't end there. Not by a long shot!

Next up was an interest in having Cinderella draping on the sweetheart table that they also rented from us. Well, I am not new to the wedding business, but even I was stumped at this particular request. So I reached out to a fellow wedding pro who might have answers, Sweet Seats in Traverse City, Michigan. She replied that she could indeed create Cinderella draping for Deirdre and would literally create it from scratch! All I had to do was procure the black voile and send it to her. Done!

Perhaps the item most important to Deirdre was a giant mirrored seating chart. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it was far from easy. First we had to find the EXACT right mirror. Right style, size and shape. Once I found that on (after numerous hours searching), we then had to modify it a bit. You see, Deirdre also didn't want just ANY color. She wanted high-gloss white! So after more hours of taping, sanding, priming and more sanding, it was finally time to apply that high gloss white paint. And of course, the first can of paint was defective and sprayed literal splotches all over (good thing I work in small areas at a time). So back to Lowe's for different cans. And then, more sanding. Finally, it was ready to reveal to D. But I had one caveat: I wouldn't reveal the whole thing. Just one small section to give her an idea that this was going to be amazing. So on to the next part: associate designer Carley had to map out the lettering, numbers and the details D wanted. Those details included a fairy-tale horse and carriage! So a few months went by and the mirror was finally completed and ready for its debut at the Castle.

When D reached out to me the DAY of her wedding and said the following:

"I seriously CRIED! The sofa, tables and pillows look amazing...even better than I thought. I hope you took pictures. I couldn’t even get to the mirror because my son and his friends were gushing over it. I had to edit on line. It’s GORGEOUS!!!!  I’ve worked so hard trying to bring my dream wedding to life; I can’t tell you what it means to me that you played such a HUGE part in making that happen. Thank you thank you thank you!!!"

I knew that every minute spent on this wedding was worth it. And while this was no run-of-the-mill wedding; it was definitely gorgeous, and definitely unique.

Special thanks to @megpaxtonphotography for the great photos!

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