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Can't Stop, Won't Stop (with these northern Michigan wedding trends):

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

10 Wedding Trends We Can't (and Won't) Give Up!

Are you getting married in the Charlevoix, Petoskey, Gaylord, Harbor Springs, Traverse City or Bay Harbor area? Read on to discover the top trends.

10) For table settings, my absolute favorite pieces to have on your tables are charger plates and a fun napkin in one of your colors or accent colors! So I guess #10 is more like a twofer... but hey, never let it be said that Heart isn't about value too!

9) Handmade items. We carry locally handmade arbors, arches, table numbers, crates and even farm tables! We are a big believer in hiring local craftspeople to make many of our decor pieces.

8) All. Things. Velvet. Whether table linens (napkins, runners, tablecloths, etc.) or even furniture, I can't get enough of this luxe fabric!

7) Candles everywhere! One word: ambiance. Or should I say romance?

6) Hanging lighting and uplights. I have seen rooms and venues totally transformed by using our cafe lights, fairy or rope lights and/or our uplights.

5) Natural elements. Sustainable and beautiful. I love rattan, wicker, macrame and of course, my favorite grass of them all, pampas.

4) Signage! We aren't seeing chalkboards very much anymore. It's now wood, acrylic, antique windows and mirrors. Signs can be fun, but they can also be useful for your guests. They love to know the where, when, what and even how events within your wedding are to happen!

3) Shaped ceremony arbors and arches. These include triangles, circles, squares (huppahs, chuppahs) and even rectangular copper pipe signage. We carry them all, and most of them are handmade!

2) My second favorite trend, which has seen quite a resurgence in popularity (or did it ever really go away?!?!?) is vintage, vintage, vintage! Why do I love this trend so much? Well, as I tell my would-be couples, I love decor pieces that tell a story. Want to know that sofa's story? Come on in and see me about renting it for a lounge for your wedding or event! Or how about some gold vintage candlesticks? They add such ambiance to the tablesettings! I also love vintage as I believe in reusing and repurposing. It's less wasteful and if sustainability is as important to you as it is to me, renting vintage pieces should be on your list of "must have" decor rentals.

1) My absolute favorite trend right now? Having metallics as one of your accent colors. Pair jewel tones with gold decor rentals such as candlesticks. Or if your main color is a mauve or other soft shade of purple, silver chargers would look phenomenal! I love copper/rose gold for fall colors such as terracotta or rust and shades in the orange family. But of course, how you add in those metallics is entirely up to the two of you.

What is your favorite trend, style, feel or vibe for your wedding?

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Special thanks to the photographers: @A13Studios @StudioCityPhotography @ChrisVanWinklePhotography

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