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Emerald Green and Gold: A Fall Wedding at The Homestead, Glen Arbor

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Where to start in talking about Alyssa and Chris's wedding last fall?

How about with the line "being in the moment". Words we often hear, but not always what we act on, especially in the wedding business.⁣

I was honored this past fall to be the decor and design provider for A and C's wedding at @thehomesteadresort, and also an invited guest.⁣

So what does this have to do with being in the moment?⁣

Just before my husband of @thomasheathevents began the grand introductions as the Master of Ceremonies, I ducked into a side door into what I thought was a storage area that I could tuck all of our chiffon chair sashes from the ceremony. Turns out, it was where the bride and her party were! So A grabbed me and put her arms around me and held on tight.⁣

So instead of grabbing photos or videos of everything, I was telling the bride "no, you won't forget the choreographed dance that you and C learned," and "yes, everyone is having a blast!" as Thomas announced the wedding parties and told a few (often hilarious) things about them. ⁣

Sure, we would have loved to have had this footage of how differently Thomas and @aplusentertains does intros (and the guests reactions to them), but then I wouldn't have had this time with A.⁣

We truly are more than "just decor rentals" or "just DJs". We are a small business with a personal touch. Even if that means missing out on those perfect photos or that amazing audio.⁣

A Cast of Characters:⁣

Decor and Design:@heartweddingdecor|⁣



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