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Trending Now: 2019 Wedding Trend Report

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

So many sources reference decor items that are on-trend for 2019 weddings that it gets hard to keep track of them all! Here's how to make it easier (you have enough things to plan)! Let Heart Wedding Decor keep track for you, all in one spot here on the blog. I'll be reporting all of the new trends as they come in from various sources such as Pinterest, The Knot, Wedding Wire, June Bug Weddings and more! I will also give some ideas on how to bring these trendy items into your wedding ceremony and reception.

Up first, and all over social media is sustainability. Whether it's for planning your wedding, recycling, creating a compost bin, or other ideas, sustainability is a "thing". So what does this buzzword have to do with planning your wedding decor? Well, it's easy. When you rent wedding decor rather than buy it, you are helping to keep one-time-use type items out of landfills and reduce waste. Oh, so one wants to buy your used bright orange chair sashes? They'll probably end up in the garbage. Yuck! Heart buys secondhand and upcycled furniture all the time, and either chalk paints it or finishes it in some other way. Or in the case of some of the seating lounge furniture, leaving it as it is! Think renting before buying, and you are taking a step to a more sustainable wedding.

Macrame hangings and materials are hot right now! Various hangings can be seen from ceremony arches or randomly hung throughout the venue. We have even had a macrame hanger used as a head table runner! Have fun with this nostalgic bit of history that I remember very vividly from the 70s. (Wait, before you start doing the math...).

Handmade macrame hanging

Distressed metals and glassware on on trend for February. This can include galvanized pieces, such as cake plates, signage. hangings, pieces that can be used on guest and head tables or just randomly placed about. Galvanized cans and buckets are great for holding beverages or even floating floral and candles, for a rustic touch. Heart carries a galvanized panel that can be hung from a wall or backdrop and personalized as you like! Try galvanized or hammered picture frames, candle holders and pots for your floral and greenery! Hammered metals and glassware with a hammered look are also fun pieces to add, for a different touch. Dress all of them up with some floral and greenery! Heart carries all of these style goods.

Galvanized wedding decor rentals
Galvanized milk can. Make this less "rustic" with dried pampas grass or floral

Rent me!
Our hand distressed sideboard with several galvanized pieces

Patterns are also being seen on various websites and blogs. The most popular? Moroccan or African and Indian. Moroccan and Indian pieces are bright with color and African are patterned in blacks and earth tones. We at Heart carry both styles and would love to create a lounge area starring either style! By draping a mudcloth or sari over the back of a basic sofa, you have created a wow! factor your guests will be talking about. Or how about our mod sofa surrounded by colorful Moroccan poufs and lanterns? We can do that!

Moroccan lanterns for rent! We've got them!

What colors are trending in wedding decor? We are seeing mustard and pale pastel yellows and dusty pink is still holding strong. Pair mustard with other jewel toned colors or gold for the metallic pairing. Pale pastel yellow looks amazing with greys, white and black. Silver is perfect for the metallic add-in. And as we know, dusty pink looks fabulous with slate blue and greys. It can even be paired with sage green. Rose gold is the usual choice for the metallic pairing.

Debut at the Ellison Place Wedding Expo
Our boho garland with peeks of mustard

Marble finishes are the second most popular decor trend we are seeing. Heart has taken geometric shaped marble and added names, a spot of color or numbers, based on if you would like them used for place cards, decor pieces or table numbers. The options are endless! Or rent one of our marble look chargers for a POP on your tables! Marble adds such a touch of elegance and can be used for nearly any style wedding.

What is the hottest trend in wedding decor right now? Mid-Cenury modern furnishings! What is mid-century modern styling and how can I add it to my wedding or event? Well, there is some disagreement as to what and when "mid-century" actually is. It broadly describes architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century (roughly 1933 to 1965, though some would argue the period is specifically limited to 1947 to 1957... from So what furniture fits the theme? The big things you will see are clean lines, geometric shapes, and furniture with tapered legs. Prevalent colors are Golden Yellow, Shades of Aqua, Olive and Wasabi, Pops of Red, Tangerine and Ochre, Pewter Grays, and Soft and Earthy Browns... Heart carries many pieces of this time period. Rent one of our rental lounges and have your guests oohing and aahing on your nods to the past through your wedding decor.

Mid-century modern color and styling

Mid-century modern legs on this furniture

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