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A Rustic-Elegant Wedding in Dusty Blue, White and Silver at Jordan Valley Barn, Charlevoix

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Why would a couple choose to rent their wedding decor if their venue provides it? Well, for Carley and Tyler, there were many reasons why they chose to do this.

First of all, Carley is our Assistant Rockstar here at @heartweddingdecor, @aplusentertains and @mifunbooth. As I have always said, it's nice when venues provide some rental items with the rental of the venue. The problem? All of the weddings look alike! Carley definitely did NOT want her wedding to look like anyone else's. She is quite a unique person (meant only in the BEST way!), and we wanted her wedding to reflect that.

Weddings should be unique to the couple, customized and personalized to their style, interests and what they feel is important. This is what I strive to do for each and every wedding that I design and plan and ultimately, make happen.

When Carley and I began talking about how she wanted her wedding to look and feel over two years ago, it was clear that she had been planning it for a LONG time! She clearly wanted a rustic touch, but did not want that rustic touch to be "it". She wanted elegant linens and charger plates and absolutely gorgeous centerpieces.

All of the signage was created by the bride, using our Cricut Pro. She is our resident lettering expert so was quite happy tackling it all herself. For the seating chart, I came up with the idea of using separate acrylic panels and hanging them with fishing line so that they would appear to "float". We had a great time working on that together!

For the centerpieces, Carley wanted our trumpet vases filled with curly willow. The only problem? Curly willow is typically a "natural" color. The solution? I spray painted all of them a gorgeous metallic silver to tie in with the silver beaded chargers they had also chosen.

Carley also definitely wanted glass candle holders to let our natural farm tables and the dusty blue palette and greenery shine!

Here at Heart Wedding Decor, we can take the blank slate of your wedding venue and customize all of the details so it says "_____ and _____" , making it truly yours.

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