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Should I Rent or Buy The Decor for My Northern Michigan Wedding?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Are you getting married in 2021 or 2022 in the Charlevoix, Petoskey, Gaylord, Harbor Springs, Traverse City or Bay Harbor area and need decor for your wedding? Read on!

Are you debating whether to rent or buy your wedding décor such as linens, furniture, signage, centerpieces, charger plates or any other items?

We here at Heart Wedding Décor: Happily Ever After Rentals and Tablescaping have been in the wedding and event business in northern Michigan for several years and since we get this question quite often, we’ve decided to share what we’ve learned.

Why Rent?

Is your wedding a “destination wedding”? That is, are you traveling at least two hours (or more) to your wedding, or are you even flying in from out of state? Are many, or most, of your guests traveling a distance to your wedding venue? Then it makes the most sense to rent your wedding décor. Here is why: you and your partner have a lot to plan as it is.

You can spend months “Pinteresting", planning, buying and packing up all of the items that you bought (and hope you don’t forget anything!) for transport to your venue, or you can let the professionals at Heart Wedding Decor do all of that for you. If you rent linens, you do not have to worry about ironing and pressing, making sure they stay wrinkle-free during transport, and then washing and drying, or paying a cleaning service, to take care of them afterwards.

Renting is for you if you are trying to watch your wedding budget. The outlay of money is far less for renting. Linens, votive/candle holders or other lighting items, and furniture especially, are much, much less expensive to rent. Who wants to take the time to melt the wax out of candle holders and then clean them after their wedding? Not to mention trying to find a place to store everything!

Renting is more eco-friendly. Items are cleaned and reused rather than new items purchased every time. A good décor rental business (like Heart Wedding Décor) will inspect each and every item upon return and ensure they are in immaculate condition for the next couple. If they are not, then and only then, are new items purchased. These items that are not rentable are then either recycled or sold to refurbishing businesses.

Décor rental is for you if you just do not have the space to store all of your wedding items afterwards. And then what do you do with it all? Sort and stage for sale and manage the back and forth with prospective buyers? Or store and then hope one of your friends or family members can use them later? The items might not be even be on-trend at that time. Let Heart Wedding Décor manage it all!

Renting your wedding décor items is just easier. Reputable décor companies like us are available to deliver your items, set them up according to your design vision, tear them down after the event, clean them and then take care of storage. Let us manage it! Unless of course, you enjoy melting the wax out of votive holders when you return from your honeymoon!

When does buying make more sense?

And here we have come to why you would want to buy as opposed to renting your décor items. Buying makes more sense if you want personalized items. We here at Heart Wedding Décor offer many locally made (Michigan) and hand-crafted items. For example, you can purchase wine boxes for your wedding reception to use as décor that have a personalized logo (or similar) burned onto the wood. It can include your names and wedding date. The sky is the limit for these! We also do custom signage that can be purchased and taken home after the wedding. Our newest signage that can be custom made for the two of you? Neon signs!

Now that you have weighed the pros and cons, what are your thoughts? Are you ready to schedule a discovery call with the designers here at Heart Wedding Décor: Happily Ever After Rentals and Tablescaping? We can do it all, from decor rentals to creating personalized items!

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Call or text: 231 622 3275

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