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The "Biggest Bang" for Your Northern Michigan Wedding Decorating Budget

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Are you getting married in the Charlevoix, Petoskey, Gaylord, Harbor Springs, Traverse City or Bay Harbor area? Read how to maximize your wedding planning budget.

What are some of the items that can make your wedding ceremony and reception absolutely beautiful and make the biggest impact, but that won't break the bank?

What are the elements I might be able to skip because they are expensive and/or really don't add a whole lot to the guest experience? (Read: favors or any paper elements).

In no particular order, I have chosen those items that can elevate your event, but that are also super affordable:

6) Table numbers are super affordable to rent and can really set the tone of your tables, especially if they are made to order and/or personalized. We here at Heart have created wooden, acrylic, glass, frames, geometrics and more for our couples. Have some fun here!

5) Upgrade your napkins! Napkins are so much fun to work with! They can be one of your chosen colors or even a metallic accent. Poly-cotton (solids) are the most cost effective, but we carry many different fabrics. You can choose from velvet, pintuck, satin and more! If your wedding venue provides boring white napkins, upgrade them in a color or pattern that either matches your color palette or compliments it. Napkins are pretty inexpensive to rent, typically ranging from 85 cents to $1.50 for solids (poly-cotton) to around $2.00 for fabrics like velvet or pintuck. *Prices may vary in different markets.

And don't even THINK of buying table linens! They are a pain to pack up, transport, clean, fold and store after the wedding. And they don't typically sell well on any sale sites. Most folks are now aware that linens bought from Amazon or other online stores are really one-use-only linens. (If you weren't aware of that, you certainly are now.)

If your wedding budget is super tight and other linens just aren't within reach, try some pretty folds with the napkins that you've chosen to rent. Here is a great Pinterest post (along with other linens ideas) I shared with some cute ideas for napkin folds. Your guests will love this extra touch!

4) Votive candle holders and lots of them! We rent them from $.75 to $4+ so there is a style for any budget. And our LED flicker candles are very realistic too! Choose from mercury-glass look, frosts, glass, crackles and more!

3) Rent charger plates in a great metallic accent color or a lively pattern to dress up a solid (and sometimes boring) linen. Choose from gold, silver, rose gold, rattan, solids and more! Heart carries styles to suit any budget.

2) Small to medium size lanterns are typically reasonable to rent as well. They can be used just about anywhere in your venue and add a whimsical touch, especially if filled with floral. Or try also adding moss, fairy lights, or LED candles. Here at Heart, we have an almost endless inventory of lanterns, in just about any style/color you could imagine.

1) And easily one of our most popular rentals, yet still super affordable, are glass cylinder vases in varying heights. Add either real or LED flicker candles in varying heights as well. We can then weave in real or faux greenery through and around the vases and we've created a beautiful (yet very affordable!) centerpiece!

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