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Where Do Wedding Rentals Come From? (Or how to have a more sustainable wedding)

Some wedding decor rental companies, good or bad, source all of their items from mass-production facilities (typically outside of the U.S.). Spending less at the outset results in an increased bottom line for these businesses. And we do get it. We all want to make a bit of money in the rental business. If we didn't, we would not be here to serve our couples in the years to come.

Heart Wedding Decor: Happily Ever After Rentals and Tablescaping instead focuses on sourcing our decor items from unique places, using local craftspeople as much as possible. UPDATE for 2021: We now carry the very in-demand ceremony arch, the geometric style triangle AND the round, or moongate styles! The handmade triangle piece is constructed of beautiful cedar and floral looks beautiful secured to one of the sides or the top. Also, one of our most popular rentals is now the huppah (chuppah) arbor made by a carpenter in Charlevoix, and this arbor can be a four post or two. Our wedding signs are handmade in-house, and all can be custom ordered to match your decor or with a special saying. Our wooden pine crates and chicken-wire rustic boxes are made in Cheboygan. And our wine boxes are made in South Boardman, just to name a few locals that provide wonderful items for us.

And whether it is a handmade pine crate or aspen wine box from a local artisan, or a piece of vintage gold furniture that sat in the lobby of a popular Charlevoix hotel or an even more popular hotel on Mackinac Island, you can be sure that we are attempting (and usually succeeding) to find unique pieces for your one-of-a-kind event. My assistant Erin and I are making mercury glass look candle holders, our intern Carley creates signage and table numbers and my husband Thomas and I are now known as the northern Michigan version of the American Pickers television show! We have found sideboards for your desserts and picture frames that can be used as a memory table to display for those guests who cannot make it to the wedding or who have passed. We've gotten several buffets in various colors and in the vintage or rustic style. We have even begun naming them all! Come see "Black Betty", "Somewhere in Time", "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" and the others! Come find out why they are named as they are. We love that our furniture tells a story.

And please do not misunderstand, we DO use some mass produced products here at Heart. Unfortunately, acrylic or glass chargers are not handmade locally. We typically purchase them from U.S. companies as often as we can, but again, that is not always possible to do. What is possible, however, is the ability for us to get our couples the decor items they want and need, and to provide top-notch design services. We've been in the business a while, and we can help to provide ideas if you are pretty sure what theme you like. However, if you aren't exactly sure of your "style" we'll have a conversation. We'll ask questions like: what colors do you surround yourself by in your home? What scenery relaxes you? Or conversely, what scenery has you ready to jet set the globe? Or has you feeling nostalgic for the "good old days"? We are ready to find your "why".

If you cannot visit in person so that we can have a chat, check out our rental catalog here on the site, or our Pinterest, Facebook and/or Instagram pages! (Let's set up a Zoom chat if need be). Our social accounts really show where we get our inspiration and how we've taken that inspo and created a beautiful setting for our couples and their guests. Whether you want your guests to walk up to your ceremony or in to your reception and say "wow", or "I wonder how old that is?" or even "What the heck is that?" we are evoking emotion. And isn't that what weddings do?

To close, wouldn't you rather have design elements that nobody has seen before and that you and your guests will really enjoy?

Let's found out your "why".

Ready to chat about your decor rentals for your northern Michigan wedding? Call/text: 231 622 3275 or email:

Do you find this information valuable? If so, please share! Thank you!

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