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Top 10 Wedding Decor Ideas and How to Create Them

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Do you have a "feel" for how you want your wedding ceremony and reception to look, but just aren't sure how to pull it off? Well, that's why you hire wedding decor rental companies like Heart Wedding Decor: Happily Ever After Rentals and Tablescaping. Sure, the name might be a mouthful, but it tells you exactly what we do. And here, I can tell you exactly how we can help, with ideas for each theme you may want to create. We also give some great ideas for items to rent and colors that tie everything together.


A "Rustic" wedding style is still the most popular according to WeddingWire and The Knot, two of the biggest names in wedding planning. (Not a member of either site? You should be. It's free to use, and will really help to narrow down the best vendors. How do you know they are the best? Look for RECENT reviews from the vendors' past couples).

How do you know that the rustic theme/style is the right one for you? Do you love the look of birch rounds as centerpieces, as parts of various displays and even the base for your table numbers? How about various distressed wooden crates and boxes or galvanized and wooden based lanterns? Would you LOVE to rent a bar made out of the front end of an old car or signage made of unfinished woods or even chalkboards? Or that you want any greenery and florals displayed in rough cut looking wooden boxes, galvanized buckets, or old pitchers. Linens do still include touches of burlap or other homespun looking material.

How to pull the theme together with your colors: Red, turquoise/teals, yellow and distressed whites and creams are a great place to build from.

If you answered "Yes! I love those ideas!" to these questions, this might be the theme for you.


Bohemian or "boho" decor is still on trend and even rising in popularity. Boho style is for you if you love "earthy", natural materials, greenery (ivy) and simple, just-picked-looking wildflowers mixed with natural items such as rocks, crystals, feathers, pampas grass (more on pampas grass in a later blog! Stay tuned to this page)! Centerpieces are undone and not crowded with tablesettings or "stuff". A few mixed pieces of colored glass vases are simple choices here. Linens are woven of natural materials and are often colorful. What should your lounge area look like? Mismatched comfy furniture with plenty of throw pillows, and poufs and floor pillows and an Ikat or Moroccan rug round this look out. Tying in the colors is not matchy-matchy in this theme. Linens can include gauze or even light cotton.

Natural material for vases and other containers, such as pottery, ceramic and terracotta are great choices to fill out your tables and displays.

The colors to choose? Lavenders, plums, sage green and other greens (other than emerald) and brown shades.


One of the most popular of all styles to choose is vintage. There are literally thousands of Instagram accounts that have been created just to celebrate this theme! The basis for vintage items are any pieces that are antique or aged. Vintage chairs and furniture for the sweetheart table and lounge makes for such sweet photos and are a big change from typical wedding chairs and furnishings.

Small touches include antique books, compotes, tea pots, lace material or ribbons here and there, and strings of pearls draped lightly on centerpieces. Vintage china and/or mercury glass is also a great touch, and it doesn't even have to match. In fact, it's more charming when it doesn't.

Yellow, turquoise, or the red known as "canyon, distressed whites and off-white shades, gold, mustard, green and rust are also on-trend when planning your theme by decade. Not sure which decade you'd like color-wise? It's easy. Just like with most things, just google "hot color trends in the 1970s" or similar. But let's hope neon clothing (ala the 80s) doesn't start trending for weddings, unless it's a sign hanging on the bar.

Your guests will ooh and aah over all of the touches from a vintage styled wedding!


An elegant wedding is more opulent, with tables filled with more decorative pieces then some of the other styles. Centerpieces can include vases of various styles and heights, candle holders and candelabras in metallic shades or glass, and metallic tablesettings, such as charger plates. These charger plates are always topped with a high quality linen napkin, crisply folded. Linens are also high-end and can include velvet, chiffon, Krush, pintuck, satin, and others in deep colors or metallics.

Place cards and table numbers are crisp black, white and gold or jewel tones, such as burgundy, emerald and shades of deep purples. Red is also a signature color for an elegant feel. The hottest metallics for elegance include gold and champagne.


The modern wedding is similar to an elegantly styled wedding, although we do see silver and platinum as an accent color here more often than an elegant fete.

Geometric shapes and sharp angles are a big part of this style. They can be found placed on tables, or hanging from ceiling features or walls. They can be the base of candle and votive holders and are perfect for holding table numbers and place cards. Mirrors can be found at a modern wedding, whether a tall one on the floor or shaped mirrors used for centerpieces.

Lounge furniture here has sharp angles and can be various materials, however, preference is typically given to furniture with metal legs over wood. Pillows for a modern lounge include round and cylindrical shapes. Leather furniture is also on trend for a modern lounge.

Again, high-end and metallic linens and charger plates are on trend for this theme. The colors are also similar to an elegant wedding with black and white and gold/silver as an accent taking the top spots.


Art Deco weddings are occasionally referred to as "Great Gatsby" themed (however, art deco more accurately refers to several decades, not just the "Roaring 20s"). However, if you've read the book, you probably wouldn't refer to any of them as that. It was such a time of excess! This style used to be classified under "vintage", however, it became its own thing as what is now lableled vintage is so different than what we see now which is now known as art deco.

And this theme isnt about "excess", but minimalism at its finest. Planning for tablesettings and tablescapes are well thought out. Black and gold (or black and champagne on a lesser scale), are the hot combination here for design. The art deco font will be seen on everything from signage on a glass surface for the seating chart to the table numbers.

Again, geometric shapes are seen, typically in gold metallic. Card and place card holders are also geometric shapes, with triangles taking the top spot. Shiny, hardcover books are used occasionally as centerpieces, with at least one copy of Hemingway's book being seen.

Linens are usually sequined, with clear charger plates rounding out the tablesetting.

Depending on the era that art deco is modeled after, we might see red, white or even bold bright colors added to the typical black and gold.


See next week's blog where we discuss three more trends!

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