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What is a Tolix Chair and Why is it a Top Trend in Wedding Decor Rental?

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

In 1880, Xavier Pauchard, a zinc roofer, along with his father and grandfather before him, discovered that he could protect sheet metal they used from rusting by dipping it in molten zinc, or, what we know as galvanizing. Ten years later, he set up a factory making chairs, armchairs, stools and other metal furniture.  He eventually registered his trademark symbol as Tolix, and the company is still known as that.

Tolix chairs for rent in northern Michigan
Xavier Pauchard, inventor of the Tolix chair

The classic Tolix chair, designed in 1934, was immediately popular. They were the main choice for cafés, retro kitchens, breweries and other professional settings all over the world and were meant to be used outside in any kind of weather. In fact, they have holes in the seats to allow water to drain. Owners and managers of these establishments, however, began to complain that the chairs wouldn't stack properly, and that the chairs took up a lot of space. The design was tweaked and a slimmer frame added. The chairs can now be stacked 25 high!

Cafe and metal bistro chairs for rent in northern Michigan
Original Tolix chairs

In keeping with striving for authenticity in everything we do, we searched for vintage ones as we know our couples love authentic goods and decor at their weddings. The modern ones come in at around 50 colors (with more added all the time), while the vintage are the classic red or natural steel. Here at Heart, we have the gunmetal steel, the natural color. It will match just about any theme, whether vintage, modern or rustic. According to Wedding Wire, they can be paired with rustic tables for a more glammed up farmhouse look, or can be combined with other modern elements for a contemporary feel.

Blue, blue charger, hydrangea, anchor
One of our vintage Tolix chairs in a blue nautical setting.

If this fits your design idea, give us a call, text, email, or IM and we can provide amazing and unique seating options for your northern Michigan wedding!

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