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Northern Michigan Top 10 Wedding Trends

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

10. According to northern Michigan florists, greenery still reigns as the principle element to centerpiece and tablescape décor. The design is loose and handcrafted wooden goods are the perfect way to showcase this trend.

9. The most popular style for tablescaping of candle holders is a metallic pattern, whether copper, rose gold, gold or silver. These pieces can be mercury glass look, frosted or any iteration. And feel free to mix and match, various colors, styles and sizes!

8. Jewel tones are back and one of the best ways to showcase them is your table décor, such as linens. Burgundy/merlot napkins and runners paired with a neutral bottom linen looks beautiful! Take it up another notch with a charger plate in gold. And emerald green is back as well, and navy never left.

7. Geometric shapes are all the rage! Whether used for holding florals/greenery, candles, succulents, hanging from the ceiling, or merely as a decorative piece, nearly every wedding in northern Michigan has them as part of their décor/design. Metal geometrics are the most popular, in any color.

6. Charger plates! Charger plates are a simple and affordable way to dress up your tablescape. If you do nothing else, these chargers can even dress up boring white linens. The most popular style is silver or gold vintage, followed by plain edge metallics in gold, rose gold, silver or champagne.

5. Lanterns are still as popular as ever, and now can be found in styles to fit any wedding theme. Crisp edged, white lanterns are perfect for a nautical theme, metallics/glass for art deco, wooden ones for boho, rustic or natural, colored metals can fit just about any theme, and filagree/floral style are great for a garden party styled event. The sky is the limit on these!

4. Lounge areas at your wedding are a BIG deal!

Northern Michigan is the site of mostly destination weddings, so give your guests a place to sit and mingle with family or friends that they may not have seen in years. These lounge areas can be modern, vintage, antique, eclectic, ethnic or any combination. Make them comfy and tie them in to your other wedding décor.

3. The third most popular trend still holding here in northern Michigan is personalization. Signs directing guests to the whereabouts of the restrooms, an unplugged ceremony, welcome signs, seating charts, and the menu are just a few personal touches you can put in your wedding. These can be created on mirrors, vintage pieces (such as windows and doors), chalkboards and other surfaces.

2. Going LOCAL in the various parts of your reception, such as local brews/wines served at the bar, always using local talent (such as musicians), hiring local companies that, in turn, feature locally made goods, and local foods served atop local décor pieces. Wine boxes are big here as well!

1. And tied for the most popular trend in northern Michigan are (drum roll…) rustic and vintage themed weddings!

Those of us who live and work in northern Michigan are probably not surprised by number one. Rustic and vintage themed weddings are still going strong in this area.

And by rustic, we don’t mean mason jars and hay bales, which are almost done. Rustic touches include wooden goods and furniture, such as centerpiece boxes for floral and greenery. And the most popular item to rent? Farm tables. Rarely rented are the round white plastic tables with white linens (typically used as that is all the venue provides). Farm tables are so beautiful, they need little in the way of cloth coverings than a runner in a natural fabric, such as linen.

Vintage themed weddings showcase items such as old teapots, peral strands, books, dishes and glassware, old suitcases as display, and distressed furniture. Also hot to rent are Tolix chairs to pair with farm tables.

Do you find this information valuable? If so, please share! Thank you!

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