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Northern Michigan wedding decor trends for 2022

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

and the rental decorations we are planning to bring in to pull everything together.

(#s1 - 11)

For 2022, I have such an amazing range of wedding decor styles and vibes that my couples have chosen! They range from boho to vintage to dark and moody and more and I am HERE for it!

In no particular order (as they all ROCK), northern Michigan is seeing:

11) Dark and moody with hints of fantasy. My couple that has chosen this theme are huge fans of Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons and we are doing numerous displays bringing those themes in, but without going too over-the-top. I'll be crafting table numbers with the LOTR font and trees/moss/greenery will be playing a big part of the natural and woodsy setting.

10) Vintage with nods to travel and literature. I am sooo excited for this one! I am an avid reader, and I have been wanting to design and style a wedding that uses books as part of the decor. Another fun part is tying them in with vintage elements: a huge collection of antique books! The table numbers will be names of places the couple has traveled to together.

9) Rustic-elegance in sage green and champagne. Here in the northern Michigan area, we aren't seeing a lot of rustic weddings anymore. Most are now rustic with elegant materials and tablescaping. For example, we have a wedding this summer at #CastleFarms with chiffon champagne table runners being paired with rustic elements such as wood slices. It's a juxtaposition of styles I love!

8) Dark and moody elegance with a nod to the campy side of Halloween. For this wedding, the tables are being topped with black velvet runners, gold charger plates, candelabras and candlesticks and of course, skeletons (because why not)! Look for signage with references to A Nightmare Before Christmas, a favorite of the couple.

7) We are also doing merlot velvet linens, black napkins and modern gold pops for another wedding this season. It will star geometric shapes in the form of hurricane-style pillar candle holders and votive candle holders. Gorgeousness!

6) Rustic-elegance, but this time, with jewel tones and copper/rose gold accents. Our couple has chosen medium teal velvet napkins and runners, all atop our handmade farm tables. They will also have copper/rose gold charger plates, flatware and table numbers. Truly beautiful and elegant!

5) A wonderful French garden party with custom French toile linens. Pops of gold will round out the tables in the acrylic beaded edge chargers, flatware and table numbers. For rehearsal dinner the day before, our brand new rectangle wood lanterns will add a casual touch to fit with a laidback beachside party.

4) A wonderfully modern-styled wedding with geometric shapes. The ceremony will star rectangular handmade wood lanterns and the reception, geometric hurricane-style candle holders and votives. Modern styled acrylic will be used for signs and table numbers.

3) An elegant Venetian masquerade in red, black, ivory and gold. Atop the table will be our gold candelabras, candlesticks, vintage-style chargers, and red napkins and goblets.

2) Natural elements with touches of boho and vintage in copper, peach and gold (LOVING this color palette)! This is one of my favorite weddings to style this year. Did I mention that color palette?!?! Linens will be copper, we will have pops of peach in the floral and candles, and atop the tables will be gold candlesticks.

1) And for the final of the first 11, we have such a fun one! An elegant fall harvest with piles of hand-painted white and gold pumpkins. They will sit atop our handmade cotton gauze runners with pops of gold candlesticks as an accent.

Do any of these trends speak to you, or perhaps a variation of one (if not more!)? Shoot me an email or fill out our contact form and let's have a conversation.

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