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Our top wedding decor trends for 2023

Many websites, including Pinterest, love to predict the trends for wedding season based on different things. For them, it's what are engaged people searching for and what content are they saving?

Also, believe it or not, what is trending in the world of fashion, and following that, the world of home decorating, often predicts what we will see in wedding styling and decor rentals. Trends typically start in the fashion world and then we start to see those things in home decor. That 70s decor, anyone?

For many wedding pros, including myself, it is what my couples are actually requesting to have as the theme/vibe/feel (or whatever you want to call it) for their own weddings. It is also based on my pins that engaged people are pinning, saving and engaging with. I also (try to) listen to a lot of podcasts and webinars, especially now that we are in engagement season here at Heart.

From those places, I have come up with the top ten list for destination weddings taking place here in northern Michigan. Because if it's not being held here in my market, it really doesn't matter what decor looks great for a ballroom wedding, amiright? We don't have many of those style weddings here. And that's okay.

I am starting with ceremony decor, although most places do not separate ceremony and reception trends. I do, because my couples may choose two different styles for each. For example, a simple ceremony set up with maybe our wooden garden chairs and our draped arbor. And nothing else, other than the two of you and family and friends and beautiful music. The reception may then be decorated over-the-top with full linens and tablescaping, and even a lounge (or two).

Ceremony style and decor trends:

3) More full aisles. And this doesn't necessarily have to mean just with floral. We are getting requests this year for dried elements in natural vases and holders, many different styles of lanterns and even our cylinder vases with floating candles lining the aisle. Just make sure it's wide enough that nothing will be knocked over as people make their way up and back. Note: the aisle can actually be blocked with a length of fabric or similar so that guests do not disturb any decor. Just be sure your venue coordinator or wedding planner/manager unties it before the wedding party arrives!

2) Our sign rentals are still huge for ceremonies. Those signs include welcome signs and seating and most of our signage is customized to the two of you. They can be mirrors, wood, acrylic or whatever you would like!

1) "Broken" or asymmetrical arches are HOT HOT HOT for ceremony decor. Never heard of them? They are fairly new on the scene and I am here.for.them! I have a wedding this September that will be using these structures and it is a gorgeous look! So unique!

Our wooden arbor (four- and two-post) and circle arch are also still very popular. Classics are classics for a reason.

HOT Reception Trends for 2023- The First Ten

10) What are my hot colors for this year? It's definitely palettes with a) sage green as the main color. It is being paired with blush accents for one wedding and as a standalone for the second. And a hot color year after year for Heart: b) terracotta/rust as one of the main colors. Accents can be other "fall" or boho colors such as deep greens or peach or classics such as navy.

Neutrals are also super popular requests for our weddings. These include taupe, ivory/cream, and beige/tan.

Our biggest request for a color palette for 2023: pastels. This is definitely different than years past. Some of the colors are dusty pink/rose, lavender/lilac and light blue. I cannot wait to showcase these weddings!

And bonus: NOT hot colors in northern Michigan: the pantones. I rarely get requests or see weddings here with the Pantone color of the year. And we definitely aren't missing out by them not really being trendy here.

9) And speaking of colors: bright and bold accent colors are also a new and exciting request for us. For example, I actually have TWO weddings this year that have a blue and white French toile as the main colors, but with pops of bright floral. That pop includes orange, yellow and bright pinks. But if you think these weddings will even look slightly the same, they won't. The styles are completely different and neither is "standard". The first wedding is doing a family-style head table with an Imperial stripe linen, surrounded by the guest rounds with French toile.

The second is doing all banquets with the French toile linens. They will also have several cocktail tables with the toile.

8) High-low style centerpieces are one of our most popular requests and we ensure that each style will not interfere with your guests having conversations with everyone at their table. For several, the "high" centerpieces will be our gold stands and the "low" will be our cylinder vases, floral arrangements in a compote, or our candlesticks in a grouping. We've also done a high structure over a sweetheart table with an over-the-table rod from which we hung faux greenery, floral and glass globes. Talk about eye catching!

7) And speaking of our cylinder vases, they are our most popular request for centerpieces year after year. Although instead of pillars, we are doing more floating candles instead. This trend started last year (after we had only done it for a few weddings a year prior to that), and it is the main candle style for them this year.

6) Lighting, lighting, lighting! At a recent lighting workshop, Thomas Heath from A+ Entertains talked about how important lighting is to our couples. From fairy and globe lights to table and wall uplights to pin spots, we carry them all. As Thomas points out, lighting can be one of the most cost effective ways to bring in color and romance to your venue spaces.

5) The 2000s RomComs are trending for home decor and one of the ways to bring that into your home is through colorful acrylic-based pieces. So what does that mean for weddings? Painted or colored acrylics for signage! Here at Heart, we do custom signage and acrylic is the most popular base for them. For example, we have a wedding in June that will have tons of handmade signs that I will be painting in their palette of mixed soft blues and pastel purple shades.

4) Antique windows are back! Although this time, they will not be used for rustic themed weddings, but those with vintage touches throughout the space. They can be used as signage or even as the backdrop for accessory tables or for a photo op. (I had considered removing my old windows from inventory, but now I am glad I kept them!)

3) "Light and airy" style weddings have been popular for several years, however, here I am referring to light and airy fabrics. These fabrics, typically found as drape, runners or overlays, can be lace, chiffon (one of our most popular fabrics to use) and organza. We also use a ton of voile for draping. We have them in just about any color you can imagine and they are perfect for elegant, timeless and garden-party style weddings. Tulle was mentioned for this category, however, I never use it since it looks "crunchy" to me. It really isn't a smooth fabric.

2) Drape has also become one of our most popular rentals. We do backdrops, archways and entryways. We can also add fairy lighting and custom tiebacks to our drapery.

1) Farm tables, candle holders and other wooden elements are still a huge rental item for us, however, they are not being used with rustic style. They are being requested for boho, vintage, garden party and natural/sustainable themed weddings. The tables are being draped with chiffon and gauze runners and topped with natural chargers and linen napkins. Our wood slices are being topped with cylinder vases, ceramic vases and various styles of candles.

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Sources for some of the trend ideas: WPIC.CA, Pinterest. Photographers: various (list included on homepage of photographers that have contributed to those photos found on this website).

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