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Trending Now: Wedding Trend Report

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

So many sources reference decor items that are on-trend for 2019 weddings that it gets hard to keep track of them all! Here's how to make it easier (you have enough things to plan)! Let Heart Wedding Decor keep track for you, all in one spot here on the blog. I'll be reporting all of the new trends as they come in from various sources such as Pinterest, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Green Wedding Shoes, June Bug Weddings and more! I will also give some ideas on how to bring these trendy items into your wedding ceremony and reception.

Trending this month at number four, is many weddings returning to a "traditional" look and feel. What does this mean as far as wedding goes? Couples are favoring simple gold or silver candlesticks and candle holders. Or this could mean using linen napkins in place of poly-cotton. The napkin is then knotted (which is a hot trend in itself!), or simply folded around a printed menu or other printed materials. Lace and crystal elements are also on-trend for weddings. A pretty lace overlay looks beautiful over a simple linen. Crystal pieces can be brought in with candle holders, in the form of gems hanging from floral or tall centerpieces.

And while many couples are going the more traditional route, having dark, edgy colors is also popular at the same time. Burgundy, midnight blue, emerald green and even black are making their way into the top searches for weddings on Pinterest. These colors are perfect for just about any style wedding.

The second most popular theme trending this month are the use of mermaid vases for centerpieces and tablesettings. These beautiful vases are perfect for an elegant or traditionally themed wedding.

And drumroll please... the most popular theme trending on Pinterest is the use of pampas grass and other dried floral and greenery. Dried pampas grasses can be found from boho to rustic to outdoor style weddings. Dried floral looks fabulous for fall weddings and no worries about floral dying or wilting. Bunny tails and wheat grass look amazing in vases or even whiskey jugs, as Heart did a few weekends ago.

Like what you see here? Shoot me a message or even a text and let me know! And please, if you find this information helpful, please share!

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