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Top wedding decor trends to know to ROCK your wedding style!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Wedding decor trends often follow interior design trends, and 2022 definitely follows this rule with several of the themes I am seeing.

I read a LOT of interior design, DIY, home remodeling/renovation magazines and blogs and these are some of the predictions I have for the decor trends coming up. Many of them are based on what is trending in the world of home design.

I've included the top 10+, and also added ways that we will be designing our different weddings based on these styles, vibes and looks.

11) Neon and other 70s elements. Peacock chairs and wicker are HUGELY popular right now. We are doing several lounges with wicker elements that tie in with the design/decor of each wedding. For example, one is using a terracotta, mustard and green color palette and I have tons of throw pillows to match. The second is terracotta, shades of green and beige. I had a LOT of fun sourcing the accent pieces for these lounges.

10) Bold colors such as pinks, oranges and yellows. These colors are all about happiness and energy and I am here for them!

9) Light and airy starring dusty blue (still), dusty lilac (NEW!) and/or sage green. I am loving the new entry into the light and airy feel: dusty lilac.

8) Conversely, dark and moody weddings are also still in demand, although one difference I am seeing is that the color "charcoal" will find its way into the design, rather than black.

7) Organic earth tones. Taupes, soft greens, dusty peaches, canyon clays, caramel, and creams or ivories (and champagne as the metallic accent) could make up this style wedding. These neutral tones are HUGE in home design and we are seeing them in many weddings as well.

6) Colored glassware, namely goblets. Our vintage and vintage-style glassware comes in ambers, several green shades, smoky grey, purple shades, several shades of blue, reds and more! I am using goblet style glassware in nearly every single wedding this year! According to Pinterest, searches for colored glassware is up 135%!

5) Themed weddings: cottage core, academia, grandmillenial (AKA vintage) and garden party themes are SUPER popular this year! I have several weddings that have chosen one of these themes, or even a combination of them. Cottage core refers to a relaxed style with whimsical floral and the return of lace elements. Academia can mean various vintage books as centerpieces and even a leather-look lounge area.

4) Biophilic. What the? According to Pinterest, biophilic design is HUGE and it has made its way to weddings. Biophilic refers to connecting people (normally indoors) with the outside, natural world. How does this translate to the wedding world? By employing things like faux monstera leaves under guest plates, adding a planter to a lounge, or greenery walls. Here at Heart, we have a brand new greenery wall that will be used for behind sweetheart and head tables, lounges and as an area for guests to take fun selfies and photos.

3) Shades of green and shades of blue (NOT sage green and dusty blue), but deeper shades such as moss and olive green and cobalt and royal blues and yes, periwinkle. (Note: periwinkle is Pantone's color of the year for 2022).

2) Natural elements throughout. For several of my weddings this season, we are styling them with natural elements such as ceramic and terracotta vases rather than the more typical glass, wood and grapevine napkin rings. Also, water hyacinth and rattan chargers will once again be HUGE for us. Palm and pampas will fill the vases and will be used around the space in various installations. Candle holders will also be ceramic, concrete and stone. I am LOVING this trend!

1) The biggest trend I am seeing in home design that has made its way into weddings is the use of curves and arches. Here at Heart, we are having an arched backdrop built that will be perfect for ceremony backdrops, behind sweetheart tables and even for photo ops! Look for that later this year! We are also creating table numbers and signage that will star these shapes. LOVE.

And I can't fail to mention: my home is being filled with arched artwork and decor pieces as well. I am so excited to be seeing these at weddings too! It's obviously a favorite (all you need to do is take one look at my home).

The prototype for our new arched backdrop.

Will you be following any of these trends for your wedding or event? Or maybe a combination of some of them? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to follow me on soc: @heartweddingdesign

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